security researcher, software engineer

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Who am I?

My name (read as: pseu•do•nym) is Austin Dizzy and I'm a security researcher and software engineer, having studied computer science and political science at West Virginia University, where I also currently work in our Information Security and Privacy Office.

I've been doing this computer thing for suprisingly about a decade now, where I've mainly focused my efforts in security research, software engineering, and security awareness.

As seen online

If I have a profile on a website, it's typically under a variation of the name AustinDizzy. Below is a list of some of those sites I have a public profile on.


  • PRT Status - site , source
    PRT Status is a service which monitors West Virginia University’s Personal Rapid Transit system and notifies students, faculty, and staff on service disruptions. Includes an Android app and other mobile services.
  • Davine - site , source
    Davine is an open data, open source, open operations analytics repository for Twitter’s popular 6-second video social media network, Vine.
  • Whiteboard - site , source
    A community collaborative social issue tracker for tracking student interest in higher education operations issues. Used by the Scott-Braxton 2015 WVU SGA campaign. Written in Go, runs on Google App Engine for pennies/mo.
  • Share - site
    Share is a with Glass initiative, utilizing Google Glass to share the beautiful moments you experience through them.
  • with Glass - site
    with Glass is a project to incorporate the niceties and usefulness of Google Glass seamlessly into your daily life to make everything easier.


If you or your business are interested in working with me, please contact me at [please enable JavaScript] or any other contact methods listed on this page.