Software engineer, security guru, student.

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Who am I?

My name (read as: pseu•do•nym) is Austin Dizzy and I'm a security-oriented software engineer, currently studying at West Virginia University, where I also work in our Office of Information Security Services.

I've been doing this computer thing for suprisingly about a decade now, where I've mainly focused my efforts in security research, software engineering, and security awareness.

Most Recent Post: Davine is Dead

As seen online

If I'm on a social media network, it's typically under the name AustinDizzy. Below is a list of all sites you can connect with me on.


  • PRT Status - site , source
    PRT Status is a service which monitors West Virginia University’s Personal Rapid Transit system and notifies students, faculty, and staff on service disruptions. Includes an Android app and other mobile services.
  • Davine - site , source
    Davine is an open data, open source, open operations analytics repository for Twitter’s popular 6-second video social media network, Vine.
  • Whiteboard - site , source
    A community collaborative social issue tracker for tracking student interest in higher education operations issues. Used by the Scott-Braxton 2015 WVU SGA campaign. Written in Go, runs on Google App Engine for pennies/mo.
  • Share - site
    Share is a with Glass initiative, utilizing Google Glass to share the beautiful moments you experience through them.
  • with Glass - site
    with Glass is a project to incorporate the niceties and usefulness of Google Glass seamlessly into your daily life to make everything easier.


I offer my software engineering, penetration testing, security researching, and other various services upon request that I feel I can offer to the best of my abilities.

If you or your business are interested in working with me, please contact me at [please enable JavaScript] or any other contact methods listed on this page.