I primarily respond to emails at both please enable JavaScript to view this content and please enable JavaScript to view this content

I occasionally post and respond to tweets on Twitter @AustinDizzy

I respond to Signal messages at please enable JavaScript to view this content and chats on both Keybase @abs and Telegram @abs079

I contribute to the open source community on GitHub @AustinDizzy

Once in a blue moon I’ll post videos on YouTube /ADIZZYSN1PER

At times I’ll play games online on Steam /AustinDizzy or on Xbox JustCallMeDizzy

Sometimes I’ll stream what I’m up to and support the community on Twitch /justcallmedizzy

I also operate catch-all addresses at every domain I own which direct to my main email inbox.

Other approved methods to reach me may be found listed on Keybase @abs

Payment and Donations

Approved cyptocurrency addresses are listed on Keybase, and can be confirmed using an address signed PGP verifiable message on request.

I also accept payments via PayPal /absec and Square $AustinDizzy.

If you’d like to donate to me, please don’t. I have more money than I need, and a lot of money earned through my efforts ends up going to better cause.

Instead, please think about donating to these charitable efforts that mean a lot to me: